realityadmin (realityadmin) wrote,

The meanderings of me... part 5

So, yesterday was a little more interesting than I was expecting. Nothing too dramatic, but after 6 and a half hours of flying (Ottawa->Chicago, Chicago->San Francisco), and having previously corresponded with the contact at the vendor I'm visiting who said they'd have someone there to meet me... yeah. About that.

I'm told that said company waited about an hour and a half, and paged me etc. Which is interesting, because I sat around at the United Airlines meeting point for 2 hours, and never heard nor saw on the paging monitors anything for me. *sigh* In the end, I gave up and decided to see if I could find a train (actually I had to change trains 3 times, so 4 trains[1] in total) that would take me down to San Jose. Which was an entirely successful exercise in the end, although being a Sunday I ended up waiting around for a while for one of the trains. But hey, public transportation is a good thing, and I'm all for using it. And it was a hell of a lot cheaper than the alternatives.

So today's been spent wandering around giant malls in San Jose, which while interesting - lots of big name brands, a seriously large selection of different outlets which all sell pretty much anything you want - it was just like home, except bigger. And I'm not sure much of it was significantly cheaper.

Almost bought a camera at Best Buy, but I think I'll just go with taking lower quality pictures on my cellphone and getting pics from other people who're here who have decent cameras, as if I buy one here, the warranty's basically useless next Monday as soon as I leave the country.

Oh, and I think I'm getting a cold. *grumble*

[1] Alright, one was a monorail, but I consider it a trainlike object for this conversation. At least, I think it was. The SFO airport "AirTrain".

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