realityadmin (realityadmin) wrote,

Wedding gift registries suck

I could stop there but...

Well ok, some more detail - why is it that all of the places I've looked at so far have a pathetic selection of brands, or only sort by brand (and not by product, thus making it hard to search). Or even better, have categories which you then click on and they say "sorry, no products in this category".

Also, decent kitchen stuff is expensive. But I knew that already. Unfortunately (or not?), V and I already have a bunch of kitchen stuff, so anything we "need" at this point is nicer (generally aka more expensive) stuff.

Anyone have suggestions of really good, functional, gift registry places? Particularly for kitchen stuff.

Oh, and we probably need to sort this today, since invites _really_ need to be sent out. (about 2 months ago)

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