realityadmin (realityadmin) wrote,

Qantas - *stab*

So you know how the airlines have recently developed an annoying habit of changing flight times after you book them? We just got hit by that. Except that unlike most times, they failed to get in touch with me about it and even acknowledge so.

I happened to look at their website to see if the flight we thought was happening at 5pm was still on time. What I found instead was a nice little note in my Frequent Flyer page saying "Your flight time has changed. Click to confirm". Note the "Click to confirm". That goes away when you confirm it, so Qantas _know_ I hadn't confirmed it.

Changed. To 3:30pm. I found this at 3:10pm. Not a chance.

The fairly helpful person at the Qantas callcenter said that they would normally try calling people who hadn't acknowledged through the website, and she didn't know why they hadn't.

But we're now rebooked for 9am. Tomorrow. *sigh* Which means we'll get up to Hanmer where my family are this Xmas sometime after lunch.

Dear Qantas. You are no longer on my xmas card list, and while I've previously been a fan of your service in the past, I am now Not Impressed. In fact, I'm mightily pissed off.

Unfortunately, Air NZ has recently introduced retarded baggage charges (you now only get one bag as part of your free allowance, which is really not useful for sports/medieval types), so I don't like them much either.


Merry Xmas.

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