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Peerages in the SCA

So if you're not in the SCA, you probably won't care about this, but I've made it not friends only in case people not on my friends list find it interesting.

I've just sent the following to the US BoD, regarding the ongoing discussions about a fourth peerage. Which is actually a fifth one, since Royal Peers exist already. But anyway.

And yes, I am putting this out there in the hope that others will pick up on the idea and run with it. If you don't agree, then I'm ok with that too. The world will keep on turning no matter what happens, and at the end of the day, it's just a game.

Unto the board of the SCA does William de Cameron send greetings,

I would like to add my two groats to the ongoing discussions regarding a
potential additional peerage order within the SCA. Having considered the
skillsets and achievements which are being targetted for this order and
discussed this with many members and friends within the local groups, I
believe such an order already exists, for it is the Order of Chivalry. I do
however, wish to suggest a variation on the probably not uncommon idea of
simply admitting practitioners of rapier, siege and equestrian to the

Within the Order of Chivalry, there is already a division, one which would
fit well with the addition of new members, and which would allow the heavy
combat arts to retain their individuality. I speak of the Master of Arms.
The concept of the Knighthood, the title of Sir and the compulsory swearing
of fealty would remain for those who excell at heavy chivalric combat, but
the Order of Chivalry would recognise and admit those of the other martial
disciplines to its ranks and title them Master or Mistress. Swearing of
fealty for these members of the order would be optional.

I believe that by utilising this existing order, and by maintaining the
distinction for our existing knights, many would find this solution
acceptable, being neither the creation of an additional order nor the
dilution of the spirit of the heavy knight combatant.

It would remain an exercise for individual kingdoms to decide how they
wished to handle existing sub-peerage level awards such as the White Scarf
and the existing members thereof under this new (and yet not so new) model,
which I believe would also allow a graceful introduction across the Known
Worlde so as to work within local cultural frameworks.

Yours in service,
Don William de Cameron, in the Kingdom of Lochac.


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